Your Physiotherapist

​Yagil Epstein
BScPT, MClSc (Manip), FCAMPT

Yagil started working as a personal trainer in March 2004 after finishing in First Choice Health Science at Dawson College. He pursued his studies to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University in 2007. While working in many orthopedic private clinics, Yagil learned from some of the best manual therapists nationally and internationally, and developed a passion for the manual therapy approach. Yagil went on to complete a Master of Clinical Science in Manipulative Therapy at Western University in July 2012. He also became a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT) and a specialist in manual therapy. Recently, Yagil began teaching at the School of Physical and Occupational therapy at McGill University and other manual therapy courses. He has become a mentor for physiotherapists trying to complete their own fellowship in manual therapy and continues to grow by taking courses, reviewing literature and by publishing research clinically relevant to his orthopedic practice.

Since graduating from McGill University, Yagil has worked with athletes ranging from professional tennis players of the ATP tour, professional golfers of the PGA tour, the McGill varsity volleyball team and handicapped athletes playing annually in the Defi Sportif. He has also worked with patients aged 6-96 years old with any orthopedic injury in order to relieve pain and regain range of motion, strength, endurance and functional independence. Yagil evaluates and treats his patients using techniques learned in many advanced courses of manual therapy and exercise prescription. With his experience as a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer, Yagil is able to provide customized treatments in order to prevent or rehabilitate from chronic or acute injuries. Yagil also does house calls within the Montreal area for people who may not have time or accessibility to travel.