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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does each session cost?

Sessions of 45 minutes (evaluation or treatment): $125


Preferred method of payment: Interac E-transfer 

Other methods accepted: Cash, Debit Card, Check, Credit Card


Please note all payments must be made prior to or shortly after delivery of services (treatment or evaluation)


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation 24 hours in advance or prior= no fee

Cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment or no show = full charge for the session


What should I know before my first session with you?

When having an evaluation please bring loose and comfortable fit clothing that will keep the area injured uncovered (i.e. tank top, shorts). At times gowns and shorts will be available to borrow for the session. It is important to also bring any documents such as doctor referral papers and test results if you have them. A list of medications is also good to have with you when you meet the physiotherapist. During the first evaluation you will need to complete a short medical questionnaire so that we are up to date on any of your health issues and can avoid performing any contraindicated movements on you. Please only arrive at the time of your appointment. 


Is physiotherapy covered by my private health insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies cover a percent of physiotherapy costs on average up to 500 dollars (check with your insurance provider) However, if you do not have health insurance, receipts provided can be claimed towards medical expenses for your taxes.​


Do I need a referral before seeing a physiotherapist?

No. Physiotherapy can be accessed directly without a referral from a doctor, however, some insurance companies require one to provide reimbursement. 

Proudly serving the southwest Montreal neighbourhood including Pointe Saint Charles, Griffintown and Saint-Henri


Will I receive treatment during my first session?

The initial visit is primarily an evaluation to determine which structures are at fault and to develop a proper treatment approach for the specific injury. A small treatment or a personalized home exercise program is provided if there is time remaining after the evaluation is complete. The physiotherapist will also provide upon request an approximate timeline for how many treatments will be necessary.

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